Breadbear's Bizarre Breadventure Plus - Hologram Projector video

Buns fresh outta the oven got me feelin’ like 😅☺️ Thank you @apizzacake for lending us a hand over the past couple weeks! Your generosity, thoughtfulness and talent have not gone unnoticed. Can’t wait to meet your little human. We will miss having you around but so deeply excited for your next chapter. Also, thank you for taking so many beautiful photos of Chase doin’ his thing! Sending you and your growing family all our love!
While the rest of you are sleeping... #bakersgottabake 📸: @apizzacake
It's 2019, get that bread.
#imadethis #itsdelicious #BREADVENTURE
Made fresh bread while I'm home! That's the kind of crust I've been looking for!
#baking #breadmaking #breadventure
More tasty goodness from @hewnbread! I just had to get those rare holiday breads, and this is the first of them. I've never been familiar with babka, but wow is this stuff good.

#babka #breadventure #bread
It’s hard to believe we are already coming up on one full year of launching Base Camp Bakery! As many of you already know, Chase was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and I, in Brooklyn, NY. He grew up in a geodesic dome in the mountains, where every meal felt like a celebration, and hiking, skiing or running in the mountains was a way of life. His mom and dad instilled a love for cooking in Chase and his two sisters. They grew up baking sourdough pancakes for breakfast; this was his first exposure to baking with sourdough. Meanwhile, I grew up in a Brownstone in Brooklyn that was consistently a gathering place for any and all of our friends, and their friends. My mother (of four kids) would finish off her work week and begin cooking our Friday night meal. Anywhere between 10-40 people could show up for dinner. The front doors would be unlocked, and whoever wanted a hot meal or some company knew they’d be welcome whole heartedly. My mother instilled in me a deep love and appreciation for gathering community. When Chase and I met at the age of 19, we marveled at the differences in our upbringings. Over time, we began to see those differences as complementary pieces to a larger puzzle. Two years after we met, we decided to backpack around South America for 4 months. In 2010, we went up and down the Yucatán Peninsula for 3 months, and in 2011 we went across Europe for 4 months. Our shared love for adventure & travel often led us to people and places that fed our hearts, bellies and souls. We had the opportunity to cook many dinners in shared kitchens of countless hostels with people from all across the globe. Even though far from home, and at times a bit homesick, we found comfort in the company of fellow travelers and those we met along the way. We witnessed the power and ability of safe, cozy, beautiful spaces to bring strangers together. In a single evening, strangers would become dear friends. What a gift that has been and still is. Base Camp Bakery was born out of a desire to offer a similar refuge. Community is our heartbeat. We are here for you and because of you. Thank you for your endless support. We are so excited to see what 2019 has in store for us!
Breakfast. #atkgrams #croissants recipe from #breadillustrated #breadventure
Stock up on your favorite sourdough everything bagels (they freeze really well)! Today is your last chance to snag these little pieces of heaven in 2018! We will be back in action starting January 5th. So sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Big shoutout to @miglgmz for these beautiful shots of our bagels. And of course to @natkingkale for being one of our biggest fans and supporters since day one!
Hey everyone! Today is our LAST Farmer’s Market day of 2018!! We will be away on vacation and visiting with family during Christmas & New Years. Chase will start baking 7 days a week starting in January, so this is really our last chance to get some quality time together for a very long time. So sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. We hope you all spend this holiday season with those you love the most! We will be back in action starting January 5th! Hope to see you out there today!!
Gluten free blinis made for annual Xmas party. #breadventure #mikesbakery
We went on a BreAdventure today. Both Jodell and I are bread lovers and today we've decided to hunt for good tasting German bread. Found one in the directory that's near Namly Ave (supposedly near). We found the Bread Shop inside Sim uni, but it was closed..... Thank God there's another one nearby (Bake and Cook). We love the bread and ambient there. Will return one day to try other bread in that shop. #Breadventure #JiakAngMoRoti #BreadBuddy
Scallion pull-apart bread for dinner 😋 #mollyyeh #scallion #fromscratch #breadventure
Moar bred!
Slowly improving on that golden brown crust again
#breadmaking #baking #breadventure
100% Sourdough & Organic ✨

Thank you for this beautiful shot of our set up @_jeffmart! We adore you to pieces!
Still smiling after slaying over 300+ pieces of product. He’s basically superhuman.
Dividing baguettes
Spreading joy one loaf at a time 🤗
Any other small business owners out there super stoked about their growth and yet also scared totally shitless? #askingforafriend 😘
Bread for this week! I think they turned out a little more dense this time
#breadmaking #baking #breadventure
You’d be belly laughing too if you were covered in a sea of bread.
Made bread at home for Thanksgiving holiday! #baking #breadmaking #breadventure
When the Grand Lake Farmer’s Market was suddenly cancelled due to poor air quality this weekend, Chase and I panicked. He had already made all the bread and paid for two days of rent. With the Farmer’s Market being his only source of income these days, we knew we were going to take a big financial hit. After that moment of panic, we decided to create a plan. I would put out the word inviting everyone to meet us at our home on Lake Merritt in order to pick up freshly baked bread. The next day, Chase would be readily available to run up and down the stairs from our apartment to the #breadmobile to pass out bread to customers. We had no idea if anyone would show up. Yet to our surprise, the community came out in numbers! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your endless support and for putting on those face masks and braving the smoky air. We are so deeply grateful for each and every one of you. We also want to give a HUGE shoutout to our dearest friend, Lisa Jackson (@good_on_paper), Co-Owner of @morningtide.shop , and Mama of two stunning, wild boys and the cutest little pup Frankie. She is one of the busiest humans we know, always doing for others, championing for her family and friends, creating thoughtful and joyful community events through her shop, AND cooks homemade meals most nights during the week. I simply don’t know how she does it all! On Saturday, she took it upon herself to be our bread mule for the day. She reached out to her community, spread the news, collected orders, drove all the way from the Berkeley Hills to our home to pick up all the bread, THEN hand-delivered every single one of those 30+ loaves. Wow. Just... Wow. Lisa, you have been one of our biggest champions and our most fearless warrior since day one. We are forever thankful for you and every big and little thing you do for us!
Chase + nephew + bread = 🤗
Best smelling bin in the world 🤗
Big moves!! We will be stocking the shelves of Berkeley Bowl starting January 2019!! So grateful for this opportunity to serve a wider reach of the community. More than anything, thank you to all of our loyal customers. Your never ending support and constant words of encouragement have gotten us to this point. We really feel as though we are on this journey together. Ever since we started this bakery we had the dream of filling the shelves at Berkeley Bowl. This is one dream (of many) realized!! Feeling all the good feels right now!
Làm bánh mì cũng mang lại cảm giác hồi hộp giống như cái thú chụp hình bằng máy film vậy.
Chờ đợi để thấy ruột bánh cũng như chờ được nhìn tấm hình mình đã chụp.
Mỗi mẻ bánh mới là một cuộc thử nghiệm mới. Mỗi cuộn film lại chất chứa những khoảnh khắc khác biệt. Sau chót, tất cả lại hiện ra thật sống động và đủ đầy, như vị chua dịu và dễ chịu của chiếc bánh mì được lên men tốt hay nụ cười của ai đó trong tấm hình vừa khiến ta bừng tỉnh thêm một lần nữa.
Ngoài tận hưởng thành quả, còn có những bài học rút ra.
Chẳng mất gì, nếu không thất bại và rút kinh nghiệm về mình thì cũng cả ngày trong lâng lâng sung sướng.
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Collaboration alert! I’ll give you a hint; Sesame Durum captured by @goodeggs. Stay tuned. We might be up to something. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️
About to load the baguettes into the oven.
Baguettes fresh out of the oven
Moved our Base Camp to the beach this evening. Fireside grilled cheese and tomato soup for the win!
Just think, all the bread will be baked tonight while the majority of us are sleeping 🤗 Come get your fresh loaf tomorrow at the Grand Lake Farmer’s Market. Would love to see you there!
Our tiny home sweet home, full of handmade treasures; pillows, wall hangings, and this makeshift farm table. Living in a tiny home while also hosting frequent feasts, I had to come up with a dining room situation, without having a dining room. So what you see is, what I like to call, our “everything table.” The couch and daybed were hand-me-downs from our dearest friends @aaronmichaelcalvert and @ldcalvert. With their generous contribution and this massive piece of wood, we have been able to feed 15 friends around this one table. I have always been drawn to spaces that make you want to sink into the furniture and never leave. I believe in attention to detail, having multiple light sources, unscented candles, and making anything you can, from scratch. I believe in filling your home with the ones you love, along with music, plants, throw pillows, and cozy blankets. My favorite sounds and smells in the whole wide world come straight from the kitchen, where Chase makes his magic. The kitchen has always been his domain, while I curate the other rooms. I’m a maker, so creating intentional details for our home is fun for me. We dream of living in a bigger home one day, with a backyard, tiny humans and a dog running around, and having a successful retail location for Base Camp Bakery where the community can gather in. But we’re not there yet. Sometimes we feel right on the cusp of manifesting those dreams, and other times we feel so far away from it all. Life is funny that way. But for now, I’m enjoying this quiet, cozy, tiny little place we call home. Plus, tomorrow is Farmer’s Market day, which is the best day of the week, #amiright?
I kneaded this loaf muuuuuch more than I usually do, and the result is a much tighter crumb & overall texture. I mean, this loaf is a beaut, that’s the truth.
The mix was also drier than usual. Dough on the dry side + an arm-trembling knead session = good sammich bread! I do prefer my holey loaves, though... & they require much less work!
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Just a reminder that we are closed today but I just wanted to share these awesome photos our good friend just sent of their camping trip. Love seeing mighty bread on the road! Be sure to tag us in all your breadventures. Have a great weekend we’ll see you soon! #mightybreadontheroad #breadventure #havebreadwilltravel #realbread
Made some bread last night! I was afraid it was going to turn out gummy again, but I changed the oven settings a little, and it came out just fine!
#baking #breadmaking #breadventure
Sourdough rye. A great little loaf with a crispy, crunchy crust. #breadventure #mikesbakery
Great news! We’ve been able to increase our production time at @kitchentown! We’ve been consistently selling out two hours early at the #grandlakefarmersmarket and we’re stoked to finally have more bread to offer you guys!
Lại là một sớm Chủ Nhật nhiều cung bậc cảm xúc bên chiếc lò nướng.
Quả thực từ ngày bắt đầu hành trình sourdough tới giờ, chưa điều gì khiến tôi nản chí bằng cái lò. Nói chung tất cả đều thú vị và việc thực hành cùng sự khám phá xuyên suốt đều hấp dẫn tôi.
Bánh ra như ý thì sướng, bánh ra thấy gớm thì ăn, cũng chả mất gì 🙂

Duy vẫn chỉ là cái lò, thứ đẩy tôi đến tận cùng của vui thích và cũng tột đỉnh của bất lực bao phen.
Nhưng cũng bởi lẽ đó mà thấy rằng lò nướng quan trọng với người baker đến thế nào và việc hiểu được chiếc lò của mình còn quan trọng hơn.
Hiểu để làm bạn, để chủ động học hỏi lẫn nhau và để cùng nhau thăng hoa với những mẻ nướng.
Tóm lại hôm nay tôi lại nướng hư vài cái bánh với một chiếc lò mới. Bạn này khá nhây, mãi chưa làm bạn được với bản. Thôi thì để xem ai qua được trận “thi gan” này... .
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Bialy fresh out of the oven, anyone?
Sourdough Everything Bagel ✨
When loyal customers become bread models 🤗😍
Country close-up 👀
Country ✨
Potato Rosemary ✨
Soul sister vibes at the #grandlakefarmersmarket
100% Whole Wheat 🌾 Hosting a bread & soup night with a couple buddies tonight on our friend’s deck. Might need to extend the invite to the entire community next time around. What’s your favorite soup to pair with our bread?! Maybe when we (finally) get around to hosting the community picnic dinner, we can follow this theme. All ideas welcome!!
This is a completely new recipe I tried out today — rosemary and garlic bread! At home, rosemary shrubs grow like weeds, so I thought I’d give this gorgeous bread a try — what a success! This bread tastes like the Mediterranean, and is perfect with a couple of drops of olive oil. You can see how I made it in my highlights!

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Traded a baguette for a bouquet of flowers today!! ✨
Zane is one of our many loyal customers. He comes nearly every weekend! So deeply grateful for the community we are a part of and for all the amazing humans we are meeting along the way.
He made out like a bandit!
Weighing the baguettes
My #breadventure continues on Liberty Street in Newburgh. 🍞🥖🥐@newburgh_flour_shop, everything was delicious! #hudsonriverlinerealty #newburgh #newburghny #hudsonvalley #hudsonvalleyrealestate
I caught a rainbow landing in Philly yesterday. A friendly Bre diner my Papere is still watching over me. And ooooo how I love views from the sky. #BreAdventure #philly #travels
Made bread this weekend too!
#breadventure #baking #breadmaking
Fresh bread currently being stacked on the shelves at the Grand Lake Farmer’s Market in Oakland! Swing by before noon in order to ensure that you walk away with bread this weekend! While every Market is unpredictable, we keep selling out earlier and earlier. We’ve seen some pretty disappointed faces these past few weeks. So rise and shine, sleepy heads! The early bird gets the bread! 📷: @bbenzer
I’ve started a simple sourdough. And its already started fermenting! Gave it its first feed tonight. Can’t wait to see how this turns out! #breadventure #mikesbakery #sourdoughstarter
An 18 second window into our life at the Farmer’s Market, captured by @kariayoungeagle. From the moment we are set up until the moment we are sold out, we are movin’ and groovin’ without a moment to eat or pee or drink a cup o’ joe. 🙃 By the time we sell out, we finally realize how tired we actually are, how hungry and thirsty we are, and usually one of us is about to pee our pants. But hey, without the Farmer’s Market we wouldn’t have a business! And it’s the happiest little corner of our world here in California. Can’t help but feel anything but grateful. 🤗👨🏼‍🍳👩🏼‍🌾

#crumb #breadventure #breadporn #breadsbyano
Sold out at 11:48am this morning. Record time! Might be time to expand the business. Thank you to everyone who came out today! So deeply appreciate your loyalty and endless support. Love you all!
We have the greatest friends any human could ever ask for. We seriously couldn’t do what we do without them. From helping us at the Farmer’s Market, to giving us business advice, to making us laugh when we cry and cry when we laugh, to cooking meals for us, to supporting us emotionally, to being our great advocates and advertisements, to simply just “being” with us when we are completely pooped, to adventuring with us on our limited days off... the list goes on and on and on. While only @kmarklemarkle and @savvygavvy are pictured here, we have a frickin’ army, folks. I really just have to take a moment to say ‘hot damn’. We are overflowing with gratitude.
4 days and I am back in the airport... London this time. Another #breadventure on the way 😁
Moar loaves! I'm getting more the hang of the second rise now
#breadmaking #breadventure #baking
The bread-venture continues. Home made everything: pizza base, tomato passata sauce, garlic oil, home grown basil (store bought toppings - but you can’t win em all...) Pizza 1: garlic oil with mozzarella on one half, anchovies and artichoke in the other.
Pizza 2: home made passata with mozzarella, prosciutto, and basil
#pizza #breadventure #mikesbakery
Everything Bagel 💥
Rise and shine, everyone! Will be at The Grand Lake Farmer’s Market from 9am-2pm today! Come early if you want options. 🤗
In honor of #tbt, I’d like to remember the first home-baked bread I ever made, a delicious half-sheet of rosemary focaccia!
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You all KNEAD to try out these creamy butter biscuits! Simple and delicious!! 😍
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@cnils89 makin’ magic using our bialy. Our customers make the best meals with our bread. Droolin’ over here!!
I know this isn't a picture of bread, but I thought I'd "mix" it up and share my reliable Kitchen Aid mixer! 😉 Do you have a favorite stand mixer that you like to use?
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Last week on my quest for bread perfection I was joined by my beautiful assistant to make Focaccia.
#focaccia #bread #breadventure #mikesbakery
Today’s bre-adventure - ciabatta.
#ciabetta #bread #breadventure #mikesbakery
I made bread. #bread #breadventure #mikesbakery

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